Volume 93.4: December 2020

The New England Quarterly announces the publication of Volume 93.4: December 2020.

—  Volume 93, Issue 4: December 2020  —

Remembering Bernard Bailyn

by Jonathan M. Chu

Thomas Hutchinson’s Enemies List: Unmasking Conspiracy and Wickedness in the Patriot Cause
by John W. Tyler


Forum Reflections on Plimoth Plantation at 400

Plimoth at 400 Editor’s Introduction
by Kenneth P. Minkema

Plymouth Plantation’s Place in the Atlantic World
by Carla Gardina Pestana

Ungrateful Children and Days of Mourning: Two Wampanoag Interpretations of the “First Thanksgiving” and Colonialism through the Centuries
by David J. Silverman

The Yoke of Bondage: Slavery in Plymouth Colony
by John G. Turner

“after Mr. Robinson’s pattern”: Plymouth and the shaping of the New England Way
by Francis J. Bremer

Memoranda and Documents

“this vally of Dry boons”: Elizabeth Peck’s Plea to George Whitefield
by Tucker Adkins

Review Essay

Can Capitalism be Made to Work for All?
by Michael R. Yogg

Book Reviews

Pursuing Respect in the Cannibal Isles. By Nancy Shoemaker.
Review by Jennifer L. Anderson

Workers on Arrival: Black Labor in the Making of America. By Joe William Trotter Jr.
Review by Bruce E. Baker

American Catholics: A History. By Leslie Woodcock Tentler.
Review by Timothy Matovina

The Self-Help Compulsion: Searching for Advice in Modern Literature. By Beth Blum.
Review by Joan Shelley Rubin